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is everyone forgetting the main thing here? Those 2 cars serve a completely different crowd. is space, passenger capability a big deal? do you wanna sit high off the ground, or be very connected to the road? IMO, they're both great cars, but they are VERY different vehicles. Going from a truck, do yo uthink you can handle the lack of space and practicality of driving? it all depends on what you need. Think about your needs, I would have a hard time deciding just because i have a kid coming, and the cayenne would be a smarter choice, but giving up my 5.0 would be VERY VERY hard, but i already have it.

also, measure out your enthusiast level. do you, or are you, interested in any sort of motor sports? The mustang is going to be a better choice in that segment. if you're doing mostly commuter driving, possibly the Cayenne.

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