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Originally Posted by hellfire127 View Post
Moving to NYC soon and thinking about getting an aftermarket alarm such as a Viper on my 2013 mustang. Thought about the remove start too.

Does the factory alarm make any sound if car gets broken into or hit? Doesn't seem like it
I had the Viper on one of my older cars. It was neat, 2 mile range it would tell me on the LCD screen what side had been touched\alert me and I could remote start it and do all these crazy little things with the remote like putting the windows down\blah blah.

Anyway, I know on my Shelby if say you put the windows down, and you lock the car, if you try to put your arm into the car the alarm will go off, so for sure if the car was broken into the alarm would go off.

Vipers are neat, it just sucked having to carry two keyfobs around and they are quite bulky if you get the LCD screen ones + batteries do not last that long (3-4 weeks)

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