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swapping in mach 460 sound to my base sound 1997 GT coupe

I did some searching and couldnt really find any helpful information on this, if this question has been asked before please link me to where.

Alright so I have a 96 coupe GT that has been wrecked. It has a mach 460 sound system. I also have my summer daily driver, a 97 coupe GT that does not have mach 460 sound.

My question is how much work is it to swap my 97 to the 96 mach 460? from what Ive read it seems the amplifiers and speakers run different resistance in the 460, so my plan would be to swap the amplifiers AND speaker. When I do this if I have to re wire some of the harnesses and things, thats fine, Im electrically inclined enough to figure it out with a wiring diagram (I already have a copy of the factory service manual), but would I also need to run more wires that may not be there in the base sound system?

I know the wires for the speakers in the door panels are there, I already have the door panels from the 96 so I wont have to cut anything to add the door speakers. other than that where are all the amplifiers located? is it just the ones on the rear deck? will the two speakers and amps come out as one piece there?

If this turns into more than a 5 hour job it probably wont be worth it. But less than that, and considering I already have every component I will need, I think itd be worth it to me.

Can I use the head unit from the 97?

Basically Im just wondering what issues I will run into and exactly how much work it would be to swap over. I have heard its easier to just buy aftermarket... but this i should be able to do for free, so it might be worth it to me.

Sorry that this was kinda scatter-brained, thanks for any help!

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