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Originally Posted by Spirit_3.7 View Post
Very disappointed. I love that my mustang is lighter than the direct competition. Everytime I see a Camaro, or especially a Challenger, I can't help but think that they are big fat pigs. Regardless of if they can blow my doors off.

Seeing how much smaller the new mustang looks, I was really hoping Ford would have been able to shed some serious pounds. Honestly it was one of my hopes for an otherwise plain looking redesign. Would have been a big selling point for me. And likely would have turned heads on people who don't even look twice at our muscle cars. Nissan Z owners?

It kind of blows my mind. They put so much effort into dropping weight on the new F150, when honestly who gives a damn about the weight of a pickup? Do you buy a full sized truck for handling and fuel economy? Why not put some of that R&D into the other flagship Ford?

Perhaps we will see it in a few years when they do a refresh?

I guess I'm on the opposite side of most owners. I would rather keep the HP/TQ the same and shed the weight. Weight savings helps every part of the car. Tossing my HP/TQ at the issue is only a bandaid in my eyes.
Ford sells way more F150s than Mustangs, so a significant amount of money going into R&D for the pickup makes a lot of sense (they can also justify it since the F150 makes them a lot of money). Aluminum being used on the Mustang first instead would have resulted in a significantly more expensive Mustang. Higher volume F150 keeps the costs down on a per-model basis.

I also wouldn't discount the importance of fuel economy in a pickup. Whether you're an individual who bought the pickup truck to tow/haul, or a business owner with a fleet of 50 pickups, fuel costs certainly add up, especially since the price of gas is sure to continue rising. Given how often F150/Ram/Silverado commercials mention fuel economy, I can't help but think the research has suggested that people do care about that number.

That being said, now that they're hopefully perfecting these weight-saving techniques on the F150, I'd expect to see similar techniques shifted to lower volume models now that it will be cost efficient for Ford to do so. This is a good sign for the Mustang.

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