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Originally Posted by BMR Tech View Post
Skip the camber bolts.

If you flip your upper strut mounts around 180 degrees, it should put you back into spec for the camber. Flipping them, will move the strut outboard about 1/4". On a 1.5"~ drop, this will take you from about -1.7 degrees camber, down to the -1.4 to -1.5 range. Spec is 0 to -1.5... A little negative camber is good for these cars.

If you are set on the Pro-Kit springs, I suggest also looking into the FRPP K-Springs. Go with whichever one you find the best deal on.

As for the upper strut mounts, I am personally a fan of the GT500 Upper Strut Mounts. You cannot use them with your OEM 11+ Struts, though. You will want to purchase a set of struts that are designed for an 05-10 Mustang, and acquire the GT500 Mounts.

Good luck! Let me know if you need any assistance with anything!
I ordered Strange S6011LM struts for my '11 GT. They are for 11-14 mustangs. So, the GT500 mounts won't work?
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