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Originally Posted by Damondogg View Post
All I know it's Mustang GT Premium, leather seats with remaining of
factory warranty. Sterling gray color. $29,000 with 7,537 miles. I think it's a high price, but since I don't have any money down, I am gonna try to get it for $26,000 since the blue book value is around that price. What do you all think?
No money down should not affect the selling price. The sale and the financing are separate transactions. Get financing ahead of time and keep your approval in your hip pocket, get your price on the car, see if the dealer offers you better financing terms than what you're approved for.

Hard to say if it's a good deal without knowing the equipment but the dealer website should at least have the VIN which you can plug in on the Ford website for a PDF of the original window sticker. Knock $6-7K off the sticker price and that gives you a sense of what the car would fetch brand-new, knock a couple grand more off for used status/mileage. Is it being sold CPO from a Ford dealer (with the extra warranty)? If not, take off another grand.

As others have said, $29K possibly gets you a new GT Premium and definitely gets you a new GT Base. Now if we're talking Premium with Track Pack, glass roof, Recaros, and nav, $29K might be a good price with that mileage.

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