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Well, I looked at everything and , well, Ho-hum.....and a bit of a sigh....

There was much good work done on the car (to basically change it from a V8 Pinto to back to a true pony car), but there are issues with much of it......quality of the interior components and consistent known issues with the drivetrain that has never been addressed (successfully imho) least in the other platforms that has been used for years.

The increased complexity of the car will also result in 1) less ability for the owner to maintain the car (in terms of the ability to perform the work themselves & the increased cost for have repairs professionally & correctly performed) and 2) the cars will end up in the junkyard sooner.

Even if you look at the sales of the "new" mustang versus the 64/65 "new" mustang, the economic hardship was every bit a catastrophic as where we are today, meaning the buying power is the same, yet sales of the current mustang are a fraction of what was even by the auto industry as "the norm".

My meaning, IMHO, while there is much to like about the new gen mustang, there is a lot that is keeping people away from driving one home.

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