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Originally Posted by Thereaper View Post
I would have smoked the Boxter from zero to the speed limit.
Wow people are macho with their GT's. The Boxster until the refresh was the "Porsche" that "wasn't" now they hit 4.2-4.4 all day, hell they kill the older 911s with ease. I used to laugh at them, but I know damn well how fast they are now. Torque wise I guess you have help, but you are fighting a 2900lb car vs your 3650lb car.... and that 5.0 ain't exactly a torquey v-8 compared to the rest.

I would love to see the official statement of Ford saying the 5.0 hits 0-60 in 4.2 though, as someone said above, as that is b.s.

*EDIT* Canuck89 said that, got proof that Ford said that? The stripped down Laguna Seca Boss (no rear seats) hit 4.1-4.3, and that is due to gearing and insane weight loss, a GT on average hits 4.8+ By no means SLOW, but come on man. saying a stock GT hits 4.1-4.4 is claiming you are driving a GT-500 5.4l, not a GT, and the GT-500 if you realize how the clutch is, can even hit 3.8-3.9( -12 and minus). Get real and stop day dreamin speeds.

If you think you are right go up against a 392 Challenger (in a few months the R\T version it will be your common enemy as it gets the 475HP\TQ 6.4l, so better start now), or a 1LE SS Camaro. 5.0's never beat me when I owned my older SRT 6.1l tuned. Film that drag-race too. Lol, 4.2. Keep dreaming.
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