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Originally Posted by DavidKyle1986 View Post
Alex, thanks for the quick response. I do have a few ideas in mind. I'd like to see it modeled off of the stock '67 GT500 grille, not necessarily the lower set up of Eleanor. While I think either is great, I prefer the stock '67 look. As far as a grille type, I'm fine with either the honeycomb style or the straight horizontal bar style. You obviously could make a kit if you didn't use honeycomb, but I think honeycomb would be the best look.
As an add-on, if people choose, you could manufacture a modern replica of the 67 emblem. There are a plethora of options here. One would be to replace the "Shelby" with Ford, the "Cobra" logo with a "5.0", and the "GT500" with "Mustang". I think you could also replace the "Shelby" with "Coyote", the "Cobra" logo with a traditional Mustang logo, and the "GT500" with "5.0". There is also the "Shelby" with "Coyote", the "Cobra" logo with a traditional Mustang logo, and the "GT500" with "302". Finally, there is replacing "Shelby" with "302" or "5.0", the "Cobra" logo with a traditional tri-bar logo, and the "GT500" with "High Performance".

I think it may be possible to make a body kit out of this, but I wouldn't go for it personally. You could make a front splitter with extreme rake, ala the old Mach 1's. You could combine that with your MMD Ducktail Spoiler. I already have your MMD Classic Louvers, but they would go well, or scoops for those who like them. I'm not a fan of side scoops, but many are. You could include those, as well as possibly a hood scoop for those who like them. Given that this items individually are probably $200 for the grille, $300 for the spoiler, $200 for the scoops/louvers, $200 for the chin splitter, $250 for the side scoops, and $275 for the hood scoop, that totals $1425. You could package it, possibly, as a "MMD's Classic Muscle Package" for $1200 to $1300. I think it would sell well because many people want these items any way, and it would save buying them individually, while that should still be an option. There is obviously the option of making graded packages that work their way up to the full package. You could offer say hood scoops, side scoops, and louvers in MMD Package 1. Package 2 could include all of the previous, plus the ducktail spoiler. Then, package 3, could offer all of the items listed. It give customers options, save them a few bucks, and hopefully increase sales due to the impulse to buy a package.

I hope this helps. I'd love to see this grille soon. I volunteer to drive out from NYC and be your first civilian with the grille.
David-Thanks so much for the response and feedback! You've got some incredible recommendations here and they're all getting used! I'd personally love to see these types of grilles as well as packages here because I think they would do really well! Keep me in the loop if you have any other feedback or recommendations and thanks again!!!!

Originally Posted by tntoy View Post
I would love to see a grille that cleanly relocated the fogs side-by-side in the upper grille, right next to each other.

I came remarkably close to building my own, actually. I do a bit of metal fab at work.
Thank you as well! The more recommendations or feedback I receive on these the better chance we have on having something like this brought on!!!

Thanks again guys-this was invaluable!


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