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Originally Posted by brushmore View Post
Now I enjoy ragging on Canadians sometimes like most Americans, but wtf? I'm pretty sure street racing is usually frowned upon by the law here in the US too.
I'm wasn't referring to "the law". Every part of this country is different, and there are plenty of places where a bit of fun doesn't end up with a $10k fine and loss of your license.

It takes judgment.

I do agree that in general it can be bad thing, but not always. There are times and places where it can be done, where only the people involved are in any danger.

And, just rolling in a straight line isn't massively dangerous. Hell, racing from light to light used to be a national past time in many parts of the country. There are songs and movies about doing just that, it's been part of the car culture in this country for decades. Mustangs made their mark on the automotive landscape doing exactly that.

I'm not suggesting actual racing, taking turns and going 110% flat-out, but a bit of a roll when the roads are empty isn't going to hurt anyone.

And if you're looking for political correctness, and throwing up of the hands and wailing "it's for the children!!",'ve got the wrong person. I don't subscribe to the idea that the sky is falling, everything is terrible, and we're all going to die. The world isn't black and white....there are plenty of grey areas where judgment is called for. Children are not going to die just because you get on the pedal a bit.

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