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Originally Posted by rpaulg87 View Post
Why are you talking about the Mustang 5.0 (oh I mean, "COYOTE" seriously, calling the car by it's engine?) as if it's some amazing car or super expensive? I ended up with a Shelby GT-500, I think that's a pretty big step ahead of it . Driven the 5.0 plenty of times, but it's just a 5.0.

4.3 is NOT normal lol, you could with drags maybe hit 4.5-4.7 if you are very good, but don't forget how much of a difference .2 of a second is.

Boy you are one angry man who likes balls.

As has already been mentioned, 5.0s with the Brembo/Track Pack have hit 4.3-4.4 many, many times, completely stock. Such times are, in fact, normal. No drag tires are needed.

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