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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Steeda, AED, or Lund will all run about $200-$250. Steed has a lifetime tunes option, AED will charge for additional on major engine mods, and not sure about Lund - but those are the 3 quality names in tuning that have zero or very very very few failures.

Forgot to add: Shaun at AED will ask for datalogs from your car before he writes a tune for it. If he sees something he doesnt like he will refuse to write a tune for you. He's certainly not the cheapest option, but definitely one of the safest and most quality ones out there.
Would you recommend Bama for bang for buck and their customer service ? Only had one bad tuned written in the dozens of times they upgraded my tune? Thanks for the response.

1990 gt: trickflow entire street kit, 36lb injectors, 190 lb fuel pump, c&l 73mm maf, bbk tb, 3.55:1, 17x8/17x10, koni struts and shocks, 130amp alt, etc.... (Too much extras to list) 296rwhp was stolen
2011 v6 280 rwhp headers, axlebacks, Bama 91r tune, airaid, tb, 3.55, many many mods.... Sold
2014 gt procharger stage two, flow master outlaws axles. 565 rwhp
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