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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Yes. Yes, I am an angry man. But it beats being the quivering high school twerp hoping to avoid getting smashed into a locker and trolling the internet to get my jollies. When you get on the school bus this afternoon and shuffle to the back window seat in order to avoid the gaze of the kids that pick on you, remember that I will be driving myself home in my 400 hp 'Coyote'. Lol.
Did you just get out of high school or something? Why do you keep bringing high school up? Do you really think I'm THAT young? (I wish I was)

You have fun in your "coyote" wait you mean Mustang GT, which is the basic high-school car. Dang, maybe you are in high school. But remember that I'll be driving around in my 560HP Shelby GT-500.
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