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Originally Posted by matthewr87 View Post
Avoiding situations that can lead to vehicular homicide/manslaughter is a pedestal of morality nowadays, eh?

Anti-racing laws make a country socialist, EH?

Allow me to stereotype you for a moment, GUY:

I guess you're from Virginia. How many guns do you sleep with under your pillow at night? If someone challenges you at a stop light do you just pull a .357 Mag out of your custom-made Mustang holster and shoot them in the face? I guess you can then claim that you were "standing your ground" and everything will be fine. How many coal mines have your worked in? (Oh wait, that's WEST Virginia, my bad).

I guess you're just a regular Mr. Badass who uses his "judgement" to determine whether its safe to street race, and lives his life according to his own grey-colored rules right?

It's the natural, Canadian assumption that anything fun "can lead to vehicular homicide/manslaughter"'s nanny-state-itis, it's thinking that since some few can't be trusted, everyone must pay the price with absurd, draconian laws.

It's completely silly. And you can't understand what I'm saying if you were born and raised in Canada, because Canada is your only reference.

Anyways, no one is saying that anyone should race through crowded city streets in rush-hour. But I am saying that there are times and places where fun can be had. The OP said that when this epic show-down with the other driver happened, it was "....about 10 pm and the streets were deserted", right?

So, some kid wanted to have a bit of fun? It was 10PM, the "streets were deserted" what's the harm or risk? Was there a bus-load of orphans and nuns not mentioned? Was there a line of burning gasoline down the middle of the road, separating the two challengers as they raced off into the night, with the loser being fed to lions?

Sorry, but there's living life, and then there's living life in fear.

You don't have to do 0-187MPH. You can do 0-35MPH, or whatever the speed limit is. You can keep it safe while still having a bit of fun.

Do I live life to my own rules? Yes.....but of course my rules take the rest of the laws of the road into's called having judgment.

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