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Originally Posted by 14MustangV6 View Post
With all the crazy deals going on with the remaining 2014s, I'm contemplating upgrading my '14 V6 to a '14 V8 (only if the price is right). With that in mind, a consideration is whether or not I would have to dish out significant amount of money again for winter tires.

Current car: '14 V6 with 17" wheels (standard V6 premium)

I don't have a GT model in mind yet (will be discussing with my salesman tomorrow to see what's out there), but likely will have standard 18" wheels. Would my current 17" winter work on a GT, or would that be another added expense of upgrading?
I actually went away from "performance" and widened my rear wheels by 0.5 of an inch when I had my Challenger SRT.

The only answer you need is Cont DWS.

You won't find a better power planter+winter planter+snow\ice cutter tire. DWS's are amazing. If you look at the tread you will see they actually use certain parts of the tire as "teeth" to sink into snow.

in 265 to 285, fitment you can use these all season and trust me, they aren't going to slip even on a 5.0 GT. Tread-wear is amazing too.
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