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Originally Posted by Kewball012 View Post
I saw that I'm going to have to get a new tunes for life but before I drop $150 at AmericanMuscle which I've always done my business through, any suggestions on someone else does tunes ? Mpt? Or? I am considering something more radical in mind for the v8. But here in Utah all we have is 91 gas. But I am pricing out off road x pipe, boss intake manifold, throttle body and cold air intake. Who do you use for tunes ?

Given that you've already had a tuner I'm more than happy to work with you on the price to get re-enrolled. Shoot me a PM and I'm more than happy to get you hooked up! I've been running Bama tunes on my cars for over 3 years and the only issues I have are needing to buy tires ever 5k.


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