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Sorry to hear your disappointment, but even sorrier that I didn't see this thread a couple of weeks sooner.

It seems to me that shifting 'needs' for daily driving are more closely aligned with what an endurance road racer or HPDE enthusiast would be looking for than what all the drag racers need. On balance, the need to finish without risking bigger problems cropping up outweighs the fractions of a second "saved".

At least with OE shifters, the way you grip the shift knob also has a lot to do with how likely you'll miss a shift - for instance, on a 4-3 downshift at 85 mph or so (out on a road course) I don't wrap even one finger around the back side of the knob, just push it forward with the palm of my hand letting the shift lever find its own way up the 3-4 gate. Actually, I don't think I really grip the knob with force on any shift as much as I just guide it from one gear to another. That's from going outside a minute ago and shifting up and down through the gears trying to notice what felt natural. I'll have to pay closer attention the next time I actually go anywhere. My point is that when your hand is gripping at the top of the shifter at all tightly, you tend to pull the shifter laterally.

It seems that the price of "precision" in MT shifters is notchiness, and it probably always has been at least to some degree. There may be a DIY way to free up aftermarket shifter action a bit, though doing so would very likely come at some cost in "preciseness of feel".

FWIW, I've missed a handful of shifts over the last 6 years in my '08, which is just enough to tell me that Ford didn't quite get it right. But not so often that I've ever felt the need to go straight to the aftermarket. I have, however, thought about modifying Ford's shifter support arrangement for those rare occasions where I might think that "saving" a couple fractions of a second accelerating up to speed was worthwhile.


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