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Originally Posted by WhiteBird00 View Post
I had the MGW shifter installed a couple of days ago and to be honest, I wish I hadn't. Yes, the action is more precise and it is obvious that it is a quality piece of equipment. For performance driving I could see it being a "must have" modification. But for cruising and daily driving I find it noisy and it actually seems to emphasize the notchy feeling of the transmission that so many complain about. I keep forgetting that the centering spring is stronger than stock so several times I've ended up starting from third while thinking I had put it in first.

The shorter throw is only noticeable if you're thinking about it - that's a good thing because it feels very natural (it's not so short that it would feel like a major change).

The people at MGW are amazing to deal with. George even called me to discuss my shift knob selection and ended up sending me their new "gripper" knob (a textured composite round ball with a pony logo medallion on top) and I love it.

The performance shop I had do the installation (I have no way to raise the car enough to get my fat butt underneath... besides I'm getting older) didn't seem to follow all the instructions. I had to pull off the console and boot when I got home to adjust the lockout screw because getting into first and second involved brute force. I found that they hadn't seated the rubber boot properly and they hadn't put the factory sound deadener on top of the MGW stuff as they should. Fixing those things made a difference and it is currently acceptable... just not worth the almost $600 it cost in total with installation.

The stock shifter setup may be a bit sloppy but it is smooth enough for my driving style and very quiet. Obviously most members here are more interested in performance and the MGW shifter is a great choice for that use.
For ease in finding 1-2 adjust your shifter so slight pressure to the left lets you clear the 3-4 gate. Also I found the centering spring too stiff. Remove the top of the shifter and remove the bottom button on the centering spring, it sits in a bored hole on the left of the shifter body. This makes it very easy to push the shifter to the left to find 1-2, but still provides positive centering force. Make sure everything MGW provides for noise is in place, dynamat, heat shield and rubber boot. They all must be installed correctly. Finally, check your production date, if your car is built before July 7th, 2012 have Ford add the XL-18 additive to your transmission. (cars after that date don't need it) Also to note, these transmissions are German designed and very precise and tight fitting, give them patience when driving, never hurry or force shifts, and at one point you will notice the tranny shifts like butter. This box takes a LONG TIME to break in, mine feels incredible, but I just hit 10K miles. If you are unhappy with your MGW it is due to improper install or adjustment, it truly is a no-brainer to drive, much easier than the stock unit.

Looking at the age of your car in your write up, your 2011 might need a change to Ford's Dual Clutch Transmission fluid as well as the XL-18, early MT-82's were running gear oil in them, which made them a bear to shift until they reached operating temp.

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