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Originally Posted by BOSS MAN 13 View Post
For ease in finding 1-2 adjust your shifter so slight pressure to the left lets you clear the 3-4 gate. Also I found the centering spring too stiff. Remove the top of the shifter and remove the bottom button on the centering spring, it sits in a bored hole on the left of the shifter body. This makes it very easy to push the shifter to the left to find 1-2, but still provides positive centering force. Make sure everything MGW provides for noise is in place, dynamat, heat shield and rubber boot. They all must be installed correctly. Finally, check your production date, if your car is built before July 7th, 2012 have Ford add the XL-18 additive to your transmission. (cars after that date don't need it) Also to note, these transmissions are German designed and very precise and tight fitting, give them patience when driving, never hurry or force shifts, and at one point you will notice the tranny shifts like butter. This box takes a LONG TIME to break in, mine feels incredible, but I just hit 10K miles. If you are unhappy with your MGW it is due to improper install or adjustment, it truly is a no-brainer to drive, much easier than the stock unit.

Looking at the age of your car in your write up, your 2011 might need a change to Ford's Dual Clutch Transmission fluid as well as the XL-18, early MT-82's were running gear oil in them, which made them a bear to shift until they reached operating temp.
Thank you. That's all very helpful information.

I have already adjusted the shifter so that I can get into 1st and 2nd without major effort but I still find that not being used to the strength of the centering spring causes unexpected results when I'm not paying attention. Last night it simulated the skip-shift feature by going from 1st to 4th when I made a somewhat casual shift in slow traffic. No harm done but just annoying. I'll have to go back to the install video to check out that button on the spring. Is that the vertical spring they show applying grease to keep it from falling apart while being inserted?

My car was built in September 2010 (took delivery in October) so I guess I should look at getting the fluid changed and putting in the additive.

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