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Originally Posted by KDMatt View Post
I brought it in under the impression that the repairs would be covered under warranty.

What I hear developing in this thread are two separate discussions.

My main concern at the moment concerns Minnesota's Truth in Repair laws. Since, in this case, the estimate was essentially "$0" for factory warranty work, so the service shop had a legal obligation to tell me I'd have to pay out of pocket before they did the work.

Dealing with the dealership that sold me the car is going to be another, less "black and white" struggle. Everything on the vehicle worked when I bought it, and trying to prove that they had some kind of obligation to go over the car with a fine-toothed comb is going to be difficult.

What gets me is that, on this repair bill from Dealer #2, the "Wiring Repair" accounts for $278, yet at the bottom, there is a total for $778.50 for "Labor Amount."

Stapled on the back of this invoice is the previous invoice for header installation and an oil change, both of which I already paid for. I'm wondering if they charged me twice?? I need to see if these numbers add up weird.

EDIT: Figured out the numbers. The dealership did, indeed, charge me twice for work that was already done.
Your story is starting to get confusing. Did you take the car in for them to install headers and then asked for them to check the wiring issue? Or was the header install a previous trip?

Im just having trouble understanding how you paid this amount of money without even knowing what the specific charges were.

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