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Originally Posted by Rich_S View Post
Great post.

Can you comment specific to Coyote tuning - from what I've heard there is little to nothing to be gained by altering AF ratio or ignition timing, that most of the gains from a Coyote tune come from either the TiVCT timing or getting rid of the torque management.
Good points. It's been quite a while, but if memory serves when I had my car tuned at AED I think Shaun told me he uses the stock timing tables and did say that most of the changes he makes, at least at the time, were in the cam timing. Later we had a major issue with tuning by mail for the Steeda CAI. At certain loads and RPM, like when merging onto a highway with traffic rapidly approaching from behind, the PCM would throw a wrench light and go into limp mode (I hate when THAT happens). He attributed it to an SCT HEX error which I really didn't understand then and don't now but at least I know HEX is something. Six months later this HEX error was rectified.

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