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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
No, no problems with alignment. All tires wear evenly when properly rotated.

I am in my second set of tires all with toe in wear and both sets have been rotated and balanced every 5,000 miles. Last time on alignments I had the shop set it dead on to Ford specs and was extra careful not to clip anything with the front end. 5,000 miles later left front was out again 0.50.

I had the shop zero out the camber and toe but the tires are already ruined. Once a wear pattern is developed that is it. Since the wheels are directional (as are most summer max performance tires) there is not much I can do.

The shop is where I bought the second set of tires and they are trying to help he get every mile out of them. The second alignment was free. I am sure if there was some mystical tire rotation plan that would magically solve this problem they would put me on it.

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