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Originally Posted by ydashti01 View Post
thank you!
i just don't get why he's mad.
you can ignore my thread if u don't like it! your not forced to answer every thread.
not to u carlg
I don't think he's mad.

Fab's point is that when you keep all of your related discussion in one thread instead scattering bits and pieces all over the place it makes it easier for people to follow all of what you're thinking. These people would be the ones trying to help you . . . for free.

Strange mud has the same suggestion I was going to make, and that kind of measurement also reduces the errors in measurement that can creep in when the tires people are measuring from don't all sit at the same distance inside the sheetmetal due to differences in wheel width and offset.

You do realize that the weight of your supercharger is going to make many of the measurements people give you higher/bigger than yours even if the rest of their car is identical to yours.

I could give you any stock spring measurement you need, except that my car is a 2008 and may have sat at a different height or had other minor differences. They could be compared, but you'd need Ford's suspension height measurement method numbers for your car and mine to sort the differences out.


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