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Originally Posted by 5.0 Coyote View Post
I would contact DEYSHA,our Ford Customer Service Rep on this site,I would run this repair issue by her, and get her take on what happened,she is a very nice lady, and has helped out many of us with our problems with Ford & there dealerships,give her all the info, and let her do her thing.
Thank you for the mention, 5.0 Coyote!

Originally Posted by JBert View Post
Read the warranty and see what it says about aftermarket parts.

Also see if it says anything about the state of the car when it was sold to you; and aftermarket parts that were in the car at that time.

Also check local laws about disclosure of repair cost BEFORE the work is done. In a lot of places, they are actually required to tell you before they spend your money, and get your authorization to do so.
None of our Ford Warranties cover aftermarket parts, JBert. Aftermarket parts will not automatically void “all” of your warranties; however, if it causes a part to fail, that specific repair will not be covered. You can refer to your warranty guide on page 13 for further info, and always speak to your service manager first.

Originally Posted by KDMatt View Post
My apologies for the confusion.

I brought the car in a couple of weeks ago to have them install headers and complete routine maintenance the car was scheduled for.

Since it was already in, I asked them to check out the parking sensors, since they hadn't been working for a while. They found that the module for the parking sensors wasn't receiving power, and initially thought the gauge cluster was to blame; they replaced that under warranty. I got the car back from them with the parking sensors still inoperable, but with the headers installed and routine service completed.

I was told at that time they had to order in some new parts, and I'd need to wait a 5 days or so. I took my time in bringing it back to have the sensors repaired -- It wasn't critically affecting the function of the car, so it wasn't a giant priority. All of this work was considered a single invoice by the dealership, even though it was completed in two separate visits.

Now, the plot thickens.

I just got off the phone with the service manager of Dealer #2, and he gave me a bit more detail about what had been done. Apparently it wasn't an aftermarket module of any kind -- an aftermarket relay had been installed in the parking sensor circuit, and was robbing them of power. They removed the relay and restored the circuit back to factory condition.

With this clarification in mind, it dawned on me that I had heated seats installed in the car back in December through yet another Ford dealership in the area (Dealer #3), I noted that an aftermarket relay could have been the result of this work.

Sure enough, I went out to the car, and the heated seats no longer work.

Dealer #1 is now totally out of the equation -- the "aftermarket module" was really a relay that was installed by an automotive customization shop, and billed through Dealer #3.

Dealer #2 is refunding me about $580 for having double charged me on this invoice. This means I'm still out about $280.

I'm going to call up the shop that installed the heated seats and not only gripe about the wiring having been done incorrectly, but also gripe about their wiring now having cost me 280 dollars, and coerce them into reimbursing me for it.

This got complicated fast. My thanks to anyone still following along.
I’m happy to get this documented for you, KDMatt. Please PM me with your VIN, dealer (#3), mileage, full name, and best daytime number.


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