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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
The weak HP numbers will cause many buyers who are currently on the fence to just hold off until 2017/18 or perhaps pony up the cash for the GT350. It's looking more and more like Ford is going to be fortunate to hit that magical 100,000 units the first year. Maybe the current generation of young people will grasp onto the new styling and HP, but to many of us old timers, it's just more of the same stuff but at a higher price tag. On the other hand, if Ford would have pushed it to 245-250HP, and tried to open up sales by including an AWD version, I could see sales hitting 130-150,000. I can't count how many times I've heard people comment that they'd buy a "stang" for themselves or sons/daughters if AWD option was available. I could be wrong....just an idea thought.

Jedi D.

****I really think that Ford will lose the top performance crown of the Shelby GT500 to the Challenger "Hellcat." I can't foresee the GT350 putting out anywhere near those numbers. The "Hellcat" numbers released this week by Dodge (707HP) have it at a quarter mile of 11.2 sec (10.8 with slicks), 0-60 mid 3's, and a top speed of 199mph with an MSRP of $60,990. Since I don't track, I purchase this over a Chevy Z28.......but the Shelby GT500 would still be my first choice!
They're shooting for a 500hp N/A 5.0 in the GT350. It will be a corner carving monster. And from the video, it is VERY good at that!

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