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Is there an actual difference between DEI alarm systems?

I've just learned that DEI (Directed Electronics, Inc) owns the Viper, Clifford, and Python brands (among others).

Since they're all owned by the same company, are there any tangible differences between the same model of alarm? For example, there's the Viper 5906v, Clifford 5906x, Python 5906p, and even the Directed Electronics 5906p.

Viper has by far the best marketing and website so it's reasonable simple to figure out what features various models have. The other few don't have robust sites and it's difficult to ascertain if you're getting the same/more/less equipment/features as their sister brands.

If identical, is it wise just to go with the cheapest priced (here, Directed Electronics) or is there a reason to go with the more expensive Viper?

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