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Originally Posted by bseiter98 View Post
So, with the 2015 being 435HP, what do you think it will run in the 1/4 mile? I know it weighs a little more than the previous models, is it worth the upgrade?
Who friggin' cares? There's a lot more important performance numbers. I'd be faaaar more interested in 0-60, skid pad Gs, slalom times, and braking numbers.

One of these days, Mustang owners will understand that Mustangs are sports cars, not muscle cars, and they do a lot more than 1/4 miles.

Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
I can't count how many times I've heard people comment that they'd buy a "stang" for themselves or sons/daughters if AWD option was available. I could be wrong....just an idea thought.
I lived in Michigan for 42 years, including S.W. Michigan right on the lake, which sees ten times more snow that you can imagine in Ohio. No one, ever, ever, said "I wish Mustangs were AWD." Ever. Never. No one. Nor have I ever heard anyone, ever, call a Mustang a "Stang", which sounds like a type of sports injury.

Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
I really think that Ford will lose the top performance crown of the Shelby GT500 to the Challenger "Hellcat." I can't foresee the GT350 putting out anywhere near those numbers. The "Hellcat" numbers released this week by Dodge (707HP) have it at a quarter mile of 11.2 sec (10.8 with slicks), 0-60 mid 3's, and a top speed of 199mph with an MSRP of $60,990. Since I don't track, I purchase this over a Chevy Z28.......but the Shelby GT500 would still be my first choice!
"Top Performance Crown"? Is this some new title only you know about? What, exactly, must a vehicle achieve to be bestowed with your covetous "Top Performance Crown"? Just put down some big numbers and a quarter mile time?

And why do you believe that the GT500 would be the Mustang to represent the side in your fantasy based "Top Performance Crown" competition? Do you believe it's the best Mustang has to offer performance wise?

You know what? I just figured out the biggest problem with Mustangs; Mustang owners. Seems like 2/3rds of them think they're muscle cars, and want to throw wide drag slicks on the back and go to the "track", which is really a drag strip.

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