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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
Who friggin' cares? There's a lot more important performance numbers. I'd be faaaar more interested in 0-60, Gs, and braking numbers.

One of these days, Mustang owners will understand that Mustangs are sports cars, not muscle cars, and they do a lot more than 1/4 miles.

You know what? I just figured out the biggest problem with Mustangs; Mustang owners. Seems like 2/3rds of them think they're muscle cars, and want to throw wide drag slicks on the back and go to the "track", which is really a drag strip.

The Mustang is not (up to MY2014) and has never been a 'sports car'. Its technically not a 'muscle car' either, but rather a Pony car. The historical formula for this car has been a relatively lightweight coupe with a backseat, RWD, a small block V8 and a relatively inexpensive entry price.

With the above, the Mustang is and has been a blank canvas for each guy to make his own. Some (most) guys want power to shut down other cars at stop lights or to be able to run quicker E.T.s at the strip. Other guys want to make their cars handle. But up to this point, you could pretty much get a V8 Mustang for $30K or less and run with (at least in a straight line) with cars costing much more.

So now Ford is heading a different direction with the S550. It will certainly be a better driver's car, but you cant be all things to all people. Im curious to see how the S550 sells domestically. I have no doubt it will make money for Ford in global sales, but I have a nagging feeling that domestic sales are not going to be crazy like some people think.

Personally, Im not in a position to buy an S550, so Im not all up in arms about it but clearly there is a shift in the direction Ford is taking the car.

Oh and by the way, 1/4 mile times sell cars in the U.S. No one will give a damn if the car stops 25% better if its .2 slower in the 1/4 mile.

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