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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post

The Mustang was not 'succesful' because of a magazine article. The mustang was succesful because Ford gave the car a 100 hp bump over the previous year and didnt really increase price. The S197 is 'succesful' because of the 420 hp Coyote powering it.

If you lined up 100 11-14 GT owners, every single one will be able to tell you that their car has a 420 hp motor under the hood, maybe a handful will even know the C&D article was ever written.

By the way, 'success' is a subjective term. The Camaro outsells the Mustang and has been for quite a while.
4 years ago that Road & Track article was on the lips of every gear head I know. They were astounded not just by the motor, but by the suspension and brakes of the 2011 Mustang. A Mustang equaling a vaunted M3 on a real track? It was big....huge......a major event.

As far as GT owners knowing the power of their motor, that goes without saying......sort of. A real gear head knows the 2011-2012 cars were rated at 400HP, not 420HP. And they also know that the real numbers were right around 412HP for 2011-2012.

As far as Camaro vs Mustang sales, since the Camaro retuned to the market place, they have been neck and neck, trading the lead back and forth, virtually equal.

Anyways, different people enjoy their Mustangs in different manners. What's pissing me off this morning (not you) is that many Mustang owners really don't realize how good the BPP, Track Pack and BOSS cars are, how they are world class all-around performance cars for fractions of the cost of cars like the M3, 911, etc., etc. To me, that is the real attraction to these cars, the fact that they perform as well as cars costing 2, 3, and 5 times as much.

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