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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Im not sure what you're arguing here. I said earlier that the S550 will be a better driver's car. I might seriously consider one if I could afford it, but I cant and dont want to give up my car to make it happen either.

A 50 year old marketing brochure doesnt exactly prove your point when the whole rest of the automotive community has been using a certain lexicon for the same amount of time.

Lastly, you are being ludicrous is you want to compare a Mustang GT with high end Euro cars. I know Randy Pobst ran a stock Track Pack with an M3 and that is super impressive.

However, my car is a premium GT without track pack or brembos and it came with 235's and 18's from the factory. I will tell you that the handling was woeful until I got better and bigger tires, wheels, dampers, springs, and control arms. Ive driven new track pack/brembo cars and as good as Randy Pobst may be to coax one around a track on pace with an M3, the average guy wont be able to do it as even the track pack/brembo cars are sloppy handlers out of the box with OEM rubber.
No, they're not sloppy handlers....that's my point. And I own one. Brembo PP cars handle nearly as well as M3s, right off the lot. And the OEM rubber is great....on the Brembo/Track Pack cars.

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