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Let's give OP benefit of doubt on knowing his own financial situation and doing what's best. For example we don't know the og rate on his current car loan so rolling the remaining portion of that loan into a new loan at 1.99% maybe beneficial, assuming that rate is lower.

That said I agree with a couple things, 1. an 84 month loan is ONLY worth it if you plan to keep the car forever, YOU WILL BE UPSIDE DOWN, and like others said, for a while. 2. Anyone who thinks paying cash for a depreciating asset is a good thing doesn't understand how money works. 3 Ford ALWAYS discounts cars at the end of the MY so their cars do tend to depreciate a lot.

To answer your og question, my dealer here accepts 1000 refundable deposit up to the time the car starts being built, then it becomes nonrefundable. If I were you, I'd wait until the end of the MY when Ford is trying to offload for 2016. Then you may be able to get in on the 0% 60month. That's like free money!!!!

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