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Good gawd. Well just to stir the pot I'll call the Mustang a sporty car. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my car and thoroughly enjoy it every time I get behind the wheel. But I'm under no illusions about what it is or what is isn't - at any trim level. I think Ford has done a remarkable job with the Mustang platform, but I'll never confuse it with any European sports car. Quoting an article about it being on par with an M3 as far as numbers is only half the story. The Mustang and Camaro directly compete with each other - but there is a HUGE difference in feel between the two cars no matter what the test results say on paper. Same with any higher end car. Even exotic cars feel insanely different from one another at their level even though on paper they look comparable.

Personally I love the feel of a proper European sports car. But there's a price to pay for that level of refinement and performance. It's worth it for some, not for others. That's why options exist.

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