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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post

Our cars are muscle (Pony) cars and not true sports cars. The Corvette, M3, and 911's are true "drivers" sports cars. Mustangs were originally low budget cars stuffed with big engines, and that's how Shelby surprised everyone winning the big races.

I will never confuse my GT/CS with a real road car such as a Corvette or 911. The factory shifter and drivetrain is pretty much "junk" compared to the quality parts that are in the Corvette and 911.

Oh, don't believe me....well, I've included just one small example of many for your consideration. The shifter bracket on the left, yes the one with the zip ties holding it together, is the Ford factory OEM version included in both the GT and Boss 302. The picture on the right is one that many of us upgrade too, the Barton. I myself chose the Steeda version.

NoVa5.0, don't get to arrogant or cocky about your opinions about Mustang being a sports car. Many of us on these forums have been involved with Mustangs since the 1960's. My current 2014 GT/CS is my 15th since high school in 1979....I've owned them all!


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Don't get too excited about the Corvette Dave, I've owned one. In some ways it's more "junk" than the Mustang. Cheap pushrod engine, 3 foot shift linkage, cheap plastic interior, quality problems related to materials, outsourcing. Don't get me wrong, it's a sexy looking car with a sleek body, that handles well, and performs well, but it's in no league of a Porsche. My 2004 Corvette was not a real well made car, but it was a performance bargain, much like the Mustang.

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