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im gonna have to get rid of the stang i just cant afford it, and pissing me off more because I put so much money into it and took care the best care of it, and now some other jerk is gonna luck out on it all and try to stiff me for 2 hail dents you can barely see(doesnt even have a scratch always garage kept and paint is in perfect condition).. but im not surprised, gods been taking crap away from me for all my life.

I'm trying to think if there's a car that I can get super cheap and make nice and do my own work on. but these days there's really no such thing as a cheap car - when you do a google search you can find lists of 'cool cars under 5k' but in reality they go for double what people say they do. there aren't even any fox bodies in my area for less than 8k unless its a 6 thats been beaten to death and covered in rust, then you're looking at 5k. :/

maybe i should just go back to computers.
What color is your current Stang? I am seriously looking into buying a 05-09 model, what year is yours? I have about 7k saved up right now.
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