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thanks for all the help!! I'll be an expert by the time I figure this out.

I looked for what you said a dark blue wire & found none on the 2 harnesses I had found. Upon looking further I found a 3rd harness which had a DARK BLUE WIRE...Now I am

So what I did is connect the BLACK connecter (1 that works the radio now) into the harness that I found.....still didn't work nothing came out of the speakers (any) So I disconnected the GREY harness and the power went out to the now I know that the GREY HARNESS supplies the power and the BLACK HARNESS supplies sound to the TWEETERS.

That being said I can't find a DRAK BLUE wire in the 2 harnesses I originally found. I took pictures of all 3 harnesses with the wires going into them. They all are fine no spliced wires are anything.

I wouldn't think it would be this hard to see if the amps work That's all I'm trying to do, any suggestions as what to do?

Here's a link to the new pictures:egull64's Library | Photobucket

First 3 pics & you can see the DARK BLUE wire in the first pic...this is the harness I just found today.
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