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Originally Posted by Don's Stang View Post
I am running a Roush supercharger on my 2011 5.0 putting down 600RWHP, I run on pump gas (93 octane) with no issues

The upgrades they made to the 2015 5.0 should make supercharging even safer.

I have friends who run Vortech superchargers, they make about the same RWHP, but the boost doesn't come in as quick as my Roush supercharger. So far a daily driver, I feel the Roush, Whipple, Ford Racing are a better choice

If you keep it around 550RWHP no fuel mods are required, other than the larger injectors in the kits. If you want to get 600RWHP or higher, a boosta pump, injector upgrades or both would be good insurance
What do you mean by good insurance?
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