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Originally Posted by 05mustangsoa View Post
It would be a terrible idea. They were smart when they offered a proper manual only. The GT should be the same lol.
Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
1. There's no GT500 anymore.
2. Automatics are for posers.
3. Mustangs, especially the new one, are sports cars. That means they're for doing a lot more than just going in a straight line.
Slightly narrow minded view, me thinks.

Seriously though, are you guys implying that if anyone wants the torque and power of a V8 behind an automatic, ever, that all those people should buy trucks?

The whole point of a GT car is that it can be used in any number of ways.

Grand tourer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To restrict a normal Mustang GT to a manual tranmission only, you turn a GT car into a sports car. The Mustang has always, since day 1, had an automatic option with a V8. The majority of automative sales are automatics, and in this day in age, any mass produced vehicle without an automatic option equals lost sales... FACT...

Since Ford usually produced an approx 5,000 Shelby GT500's each year, it's totally feasible that all those can be manual only, as Ford will not have to worry about selling them.

But to have a GT500 model with an Automatic, would bring huge praises by drag racers or people simply wanting a high horsepower daily driver with the hassle of an automatic.

I cannot imagine why would have such a narrow view. While manuals have their place and target demographic, it is ecstasy to just nail it at a light and go to 60+ mph without so much of a wiggle, no acceleration loss, no tire spinning, just pure go.

My 2011 GT was my last manual car, nothing but auto's now. I'm also 100% convinced that Ford will never put a strong enough manual transmission in a GT version, ever.

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