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Originally Posted by Bob_Young View Post
Some thoughts here:
I've bought new Fords 1971. Stuck with simple, unsophisticated versions and never had issues. Always reliable and economical vehicles (mostly F100/F150, six with stick). People who bought the high-dollar, optioned-out versions of what I drove, often had serious recurrent problems. Conclusion: Ford does simple well. Ecoboost is not simple.

A small engine like the 2.3 will be into the boost quite a bit to achieve anything approaching normal road performance in a Mustang. This is obvious, no one would buy a normally aspirated 2.3 Mustang; the car is too heavy, it would be gutless. So, being into boost a lot, economy will suffer.

The 3.5 Ecoboost they put in the trucks would be a better choice. The 3.5 is enough to push the car around in a respectable manner without getting into boost, yet the power would be there when called upon. The 3.5 Ecoboost seems like a great match for the Mustang and I can't understand why it isn't offered...other than Ford enjoys raking in the big bucks on the 5.0s.

At high elevations, boost comes into its own. NA engines lose power with altitude, boosted engines don't. If I lived around Denver or some other high altitude location, I'd be sure to go Ecoboost as that would be the only way to get an engine that could deliver its rated power. Though, I'd probably go for a tricked-out 2WD, short-cab, short-bed Ecoboost F150 before I would a 2.3 EB Mustang.

Overall, I think the 2.3 Ecoboost will be gone from the Mustang line in a few years. Too little return in either performance or economy for the extra complexity of the EB engine. It will be replaced by a 3.5 or similar V6 EB that can deliver the kind of performance Mustangs are noted for without working hard.
Ecoboost has been around for several years now, so they should have it worked out. And we're not talking 1980s/1990s turbo tech, it is very different now. Turbo engines are now making better low/mid-range power than smaller displacement V8s like Coyotes, which make their power higher up in the rev band.

I would actually expect the 2.3l turbo to actually become the enthusiast's Mustang, above the 5.0. Turbos are (usually) easier to get more power out, and their lighter weight will make for better performance, especially handling and braking. And since it will be (hopefully) rather cheap and easy to bump the 2.3s up to the 400HP area, it will probably be faster in a straight-line too.

Back in the day, SVO 2.3L turbo Mustangs were better than the "5.0" (4.9 actually) GT cars. I see a great possibility that this will happen again. And keep in mind, the 2.3l is the mid-range model, and the V6 is the bottom of the rung.

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