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Originally Posted by Ktowncruzin View Post
Just picked up my Cobra today!! This car is a rocket!! My question is can somebody tell me at what RPM they are shifting! I feel I'm shifting ok but am I getting the most out of my gears! Is this engine built to receive high rpm? Thanks. I have the higher gears in the rear end. It's the 4.6l 5 spd svt cobra. Thing goes like crazy, but not sure the rpm limit to gears. Can someone let me know at what rpm they are shifting at? Thanks.
These engines, being OHC and same bore as stroke, love high RPMS. **** at High rpms, once you feel like your car isnt as accelerating as hard, shift, see if it accelerates harder or slower after you shift.

Id keep it above 4k for sure, but every cars different so just learn where your car likes it.
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