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'05-'14 Stealthbox Users - what power are you running?

I'm stuck trying to decide on an amp for my system, and the sticking point comes down to how much power I really need (and can afford) for the Stealthbox.

I see all Stealthbox subs since 2005 use the same 13W3v3 driver.

A little about my system:
Shaker 500, non-nav. Keeping stock head unit, adding a Bit Ten DSP & staying factory-looking.
Have JL Audio C2-570x for the rear.
Have Focal Flax PS 130F for the front
And of course, the JL Stealthbox for the rear.

I'm trying to piece together a really great sounding system as cost-effectively as possible. I'm 52, not 25, and after clarity at all volumes, not looking to thump the 'hood. To that end, used and/or refurb gear is OK by me. I've done the $10K system before & this isn't that.

I've gone back & forth on the amp brand - PPI, RF, JL, even Audison/Focal/etc - decided to stick with the middle of the road JL XD series. I think PPI may be too low end for the clarity & fidelity I seek w/ the Focals & Bit Ten, and the Audison/Focal price amps are just too little benefit for the money over a mid-grade JL XD.

I'm down to the XD 700/5 or the XD 1000/5.

The only difference I can see is sub power - 300W vs 600W. Clearly more is better, and I know that's only 3dB of difference - will I really ever notice that?

I've searched & searched, and the XD1000/5 just seems a little out of my budget right now. I'm looking for some confirmation from someone with the XD700/5 & a Stealthbox that I'll be 99.9% satisfied at the musical level, not the "thump the 'hood" level. (Or from someone running 300W & that Stealthbox....anyone?)

My thinking is I can get a XD700/5 a couple months sooner than a 1000/5 & finish out my system that much sooner - and that, at 52, I won't miss those 3dB anywhere.

And, worst case, I can still upgrade next year to a XD600/1 if I really need to.

So - stealth factory HU, awesome sound, but not ear splitting SPL, how does that Stealthbox sound with ~300W??

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