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Need some help with 2012 base audio

To begin, I swear I used the "Search" function. Unfortunately I got a couple of "No results found" and some links that didn't fully help.

As per the thread title, I have a 2012 base, 4 speaker, no frills radio. I would like to upgrade the speakers before I add an amp and sub. I have some installation experience but will retain the factory HU since I can't justify (to myself) spending over $400 on an install kit.

Here's what I need help with:

What is the factory radio output wattage? EDIT: 16wx4 according to another site
What is the max door speaker mounting depth?
What are the ohm ratings on the base factory speakers? Someone posted it was 4 for the rears on a Shaker.
Can someone here direct me to a component speaker install article/video? I understand that finding a place to mount the crossovers can be a problem. EDIT: Probably going with Kenwood 5 1/4 component with inline crossover (Front)

I know that I need a kit like the AOEM FRD24 to get RCA's. I haven't decided about who to go to for an amp. Or even if I need one. The quality after the speaker install will determine. Luckily I have an Infinity Basslink sitting around, so that's covered.

Thanks in advance.

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