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Originally Posted by Sean Reilly View Post
Dont worry Andy!.....You WILL Love that '13 DIB Track-Pack Beauty even after you start seeing the new S550's on the road!

I realize the new '15's are going to be the New "Pretty Girls" that everyone will be talking about, but take it from a guy that has traded his Stangs. in every 2-3 Years....The '13-'14's will hold that "New Look" for quite some time....


I respectfully disagree. For me, the 2013-14 model looked dated the moment the S550 was revealed. It immediately made the S197s look old, especially my old 07, LOL. Now I'm not by any means saying the S197 models aren't great looking cars; hell, I still think my 07 is a great looking car from many angles. But to me, the new car just looks so much more svelte and proportioned. I knew once I saw it that I would go for one before even considering a used or new 13 or 14. Just my opinion.

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