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Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

Music is very subjective and the best advice I've read is "Buy what sounds good to YOU" I believe in quality over quantity, or in this case , volume.

I learned a long time ago that components really bring the music to life. In my ears anyways. I just love the difference in sound quality that true separates bring. I have only owned the car for a week and have already found that the equalizer function in my $30 MP3 player makes a difference to the sound quality. So every bit will help.

I would like to keep the factory HU for several reasons. I don't like the price of the replacements. And I have seen what happens to touch screens during a Canadian winter. (Yes I am in Ontario BTW) An LCD that freezes solid and ruptures is not pretty. Where I have to park at work is less than secure and a few co workers have had HU's, Amps, and Subs stolen, so having the factory HU is a visual deterrent.

As my name suggests, funds are a little light. That and the fact that we pay a LOT more for too many things in Canada (up to 2/2.5x as much at times) means my budget is small. Sure I can buy from US suppliers, but the international shipping charges and duty fees often cancel out any savings.

Compliments of this board, and a lot of research, I'm thinking about the following setup:
Audio Control LC6i to get 3x RCA out (around $175)
Alpine KTP445U (@45/50w/ch, not mighty but sufficient for my needs. Around $180)
Pioneer TS A1305C 5 1/4 components (Doors) I found someone with them on clearance for $100. I've had good luck with Pioneer.
For a Sub I have an Infinity BassLink from my previous car. Again, not mighty, but it works for me. I listen to Led Zeppelin, not LMFAO
The rears, I'm still unsure about. The factory setup emphasizes the front speakers quite a lot so I'm thinking that a pair of MTX Thunder "somethings" will suffice to fill in the mids.

As you can see I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, but I'm not looking to set off car alarms on the next block or win any competitions either. I just want to upgrade the quality to something more acceptable to me and my own personal tastes.

Thanks again for the help, I do appreciate it. If you know of any Canadian suppliers/shops, or US dealers with great prices and reasonable shipping rates please do tell.

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