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i love how the 2015 looks from the back from the side and directly from the front but any other angle and that front just doesnt do it for me, the hood, the lights, the bumper, even the bottom of the front looks pretty weird. Things like how the hood extends just a little farther over the lights then the side body does kind of bother me, how big the bumper space is, how the trunks arent aligned properly (not sure if it will make its way into production models), how the transmissions are basically the same. Its going to drive great, have a better interior, be fast, but i would never pay money to upgrade to something im not 100% in love with. I think the mustang to get is the 2021, look at the 05 and the 11...if they improve on the 15 as much as they improved on the 05 i would definitely buy that car

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