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2015 2.3 Ecoboost vs 5.0 v8: Which one to buy?

The 2015 Mustang GT will have more than 400 hp right off the bat, but the Ecoboost version will have the potential to meet, if not exceed that amount of power with some simple aftermarket mods. Plus, even with these mods, chances are it will still average something like 20/30 in fuel economy. Right now, mods are pushing the 220hp Focus to 270. Also, a similar 2.3 engine is already in use in some places in Europe, and mods already pushing 450 WHP. So what do you think, get the 2.3 L ecoboost, or the V8? Nobody is debating the fact that the V8 is probably the best engine, but the four-cylinder has so much more aftermarket potential.

As a side note, how much would boosting the HP to close to 400 reduce the lifespan of the engine?

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