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Just an update. I had my TrackCal installed at a local dealer in the middle of June. A few days ago I got a new sim card from Ford Racing. It had a $0 invoice but no letter or instructions. So I called the tech line. They told me it was a revised tune. I asked what was changed and they said "some code." Duh! I know that. He wouldn't give any other details. Then he told me to intall it myself. So I did. Here's what you do:
1. Hook up a battery charger. The procal will prompt you to do this.
2. Turn off all accesories.
3. Put the original sim card in the ProCal.
4. Hold down enter and plug it in. Clear any codes.
5. Select return to stock tune.
6. Complete the upload, takes a few minutes.
7. Unplug the ProCal when complete.
8. Put new sim in ProCal. Better write a date on them. They look identical.
9. Plug in ProCal while holding down enter.
10. Let it update the ProCal.
11. Turn on the key. Clear any codes.
12. Upload the new tune.

Note that during the upload guage lights will flash and chimes will sound.
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