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@ wjbertrand
I tried downloading the PDF instructions to see what all is involved,(I like the PnP idea a LOT) but got a 404 error redirect.

With the built in signal processer, I wouldn't need the LC6i, so that money could go towards the difference in price. $500 is kind of steep , but quality is what counts. The mounting bracket suggests that there is a pre determined place to install. I'll check the Shelby forums to see what I can find.

While on the subject of plug n play: Is there a harness kit that would allow me to go from the HU speaker out plug to an LOC/AMP (high level) in; and then from the amp out to the speaker plug(s)? I would like to NOT cut any factory harnesses at all. I understand that I will still have to wire an LOC/Amp one wire at a time.

(That's not exactly clear to me, and I wrote it LOL) To simplify:

FORD HU Speaker out---??? Plug---LOC/Amp---??? Plug---Speakers

I'm looking for the "??? Plugs" Thanks.

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