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Originally Posted by PMDmustang13 View Post
I agree that time will tell. But right now I believe that it won't be that easy squeezing another 100 hp out of the EB and the current 5.0 supposedly can be modified to 600 plus hp with no problem and the 2015 5.0 is even better equipped to handle higher hp.

Remember the SVO of the mid 80's. It was a turbocharged 2.3 litre with about 200 hp at that time. Ford has already increased that HP by 50% in the last 30 years.

Ford Mustang SVO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The two 2.3L turbo motors have absolutely nothing in common with one another, other than the displacement, so comparing them is useless. And the EB motors have forged internals, so squeezing more power out of them will not stress the internals any more than it does on a Coyote.

And if you haven't followed, getting more power out of forced induction motors is usually very easy and cheap. No guarantee that will be the case with this particular EB motor, but there's a great chance.

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