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I own a 2012 5.0 and it is indeed a fast car. I also owned a 1987 Buick Grand National. With a chip change and a variable fuel regulator, that car went from 13.90s to high and mid 12's easy. Boost is a wonderful thing. The 231 cubic inch Buick V6 at 14.6 pounds boost is putting in the same amount of fuel and air as a 462 inch motor. don't count the 2.3 out. I also swapped the entire drive train from an 87 Grand National into a 1984 Monte Carlo SS. With bigger turbo, injectors and tuning with a laptop the car went 11.01 at 122. The Coyote engine is still amazing to me though, and I still can't believe the power it puts down. Way more than any 60's muscle car I drove back then, including hemis and 454 Chevelles!

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