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After checking some of the supplier websites that have been mentioned, I'm going to have to admit that the price difference between Canada and the US has closed quite a bit. If we could just catch a break with shipping, Canadians would be laughing. However, audio equipment is rarely light weight.

A further update: I installed the Polk DB571's in the deck today and was reminded of a couple of things.
1 Don't do audio upgrades in the summer.
2 If you do, do it in the shade.

That said, the install was a lot easier than a certain YouTube video implied. 4 push pins per side and a little bending of the plastic trim panels and the shelf was out. Getting the screws back in was a little awkward but not impossible. (I used baffles) The sound difference was more substantial than I thought it would be. Without changing any settings on the radio, I suddenly had rear speakers! Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow morning and I can change out the door speakers for the Pioneer components.

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